• LINQ Correct Fitting Of A Harness

LINQ Correct Fitting Of A Harness

Follow the below process everytime you use your LINQ Harness
  • Inspect harness to make sure it is fit for your height safety application and that all components are in good working condition.
  • Hold harness by the Rear/Dorsal D Ring and arrange harness  straps to avoid  any crossed or twisted straps.
  • Don the harness  as you would put on a jacket.
  • The D Ring must be positioned between the shoulder blades.
  • Adjust shoulder strap to approx 100mm of extra webbing above buckle  to ensure sub-pelvic strap is positioned correctly and forms a seat.
  • Connect the chest strap across the upper body, and  then connect the waist strap (if fitted, multi-purpose models).
  • Adjust all straps and buckles for a firm, comfortable fit. Have  a work mate check  all connections.
  • Secure left leg strap to left leg buckle and  right leg strap to right leg buckle, making sure  the webbing is not twisted.  
  • The belay loops must be brought together and fixed with an approved connector.