Whilst LINQ Lifting Rigging is a new-comer to the Australian and New Zealand market our products are a culmination of over 20 years of design collaboration with LINQ’s Chief Technical Officer and our OEM factory, whose joint collaborations began in 1998.

All LINQ products are LINQ by brand and LINQ by design. They are not merely no named imports from China. Each and every product is to our Chief Technical Officer’s design requirements. This is why LINQ Height Safety products already have such a highly trusted name in the safety industry.

LINQ Lifting Rigging products follow this exact model. The range is designed by LINQ and manufactured by LINQ. Because of our direct control over each step in the manufacturing process, we can ensure every product is of the highest quality.

LINQ Lifting Rigging offers Chain Blocks and Lever Hoists for commercial and industrial use. The Essential range includes cost effective, commercial quality products. While the Elite range consist of high-end, industrial level products, perfectly suited for the rugged mining, oil and gas industries.

The Elite Chain Block and Lever Hoist range includes a standard gasket feature to safeguard and prevent dust ingress from forming a grinding paste to greased moving parts. This has been designed to combat dust issues endemic to harsh conditions such as mining environments. A worldwide first.

Chain Block
Lever Hoists