The LINQ range of karabiners offers exceptional strength and class-leading features, manufactured under stringent quality control conditions. LINQ karabiners are free from any material or manufacturing defects and Minimum Breaking Strength is assured.

LINQ karabiners are self-closing and available with a screw-gate, double action or triple action self-locking mechanism to reduce the probability of involuntary opening or release. No LINQ karabiner will open without at least two deliberate actions.

Furthermore, enhanced corrosion resistance and a sleek design minimises snagging and damage to harness and lanyard webbing.
Strict manufacturing processes and stringent batch testing provide you the surety to use LINQ karabiners as a load-bearing connector able to withstand forces of up to 25kN.

Stringent batch testing is conducted to International Standard ISO 10333-5 to determine that the device shall withstand a minimum static force of 20kN without evidence of fracture or inadvertent opening of the gate.