These kits have been designed to meet the general requirements of workers who are working at heights in most workplace situations. The kits also offer exceptional value for money as opposed to buying the items individually.

If your site has specific requirements, LINQ also offers a custom kit service. Customers can take advantage of the LINQ custom kit service by tailoring a kit to suit the needs of their individual work site, choosing from any LINQ harnesses, lanyards, ropes, karabiners and accessories.

Customers may also choose to have multiple items within the same category, for example two lanyards or four karabiners, and so on.

The possibilities with the custom kit option are endless, and there is no minimum order quantity making it easier to create kits based on occupation as opposed to workplace.

Kits are packed individually and sent to the customer ready for standard issue to the workforce, taking the hassle out of procuring height safety equipment.

Basic Roofers Kit
Standard Roofers Kit
Construction Roofers Kit