Self Retracting 2.5M Webbing Lanyard with Hardware KS & SN

Product Code: IRW225KSSN

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  • The LINQ self-retracting lanyard (SRL) range is engineered for extreme workplace situations. The range has been developed to be durable and efficient.
  • Ergonomically designed outer casing which reduces dust ingress by not exposing the inner mechanism
  • LINQ self retracting lanyards (SRL's) extend and retract automatically, allowing the user to operate within the recommended work area permitted by the AS/NZS Standard
  • The lifeline maintains tension which clears the work zone of any loose excess webbing. In the event of a fall, a brake activates, arresting the fall and reducing the impact of the fall.
  • Retractable webbing maximum length : 2.5m
  • The Lanyard is supplied with 1 x Screw Gate 18mm karabiners (KSGSA18) and 1 x Snap Hook (HSSNH) exceeding the 6Kn gate strength as per AS/NZS1891.5:2020.
  • It has an inbuilt textile Energy Absorber for shock absorption.
  • It has a durable internal protective steel casing made up of medium carbon steel and black galvanizing coating.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength > 15kN
  • Weight : 1.20 kg + / - 10 gm
  • Conforms to standard EN 360:2002
  • Conforms to standard EN 364:1993
  • Passed the corrosion test in accordance with ISO 9227:1990 - 24 hours
  • Accepted under AS/NZS1891.3:2020.
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Self Retracting 2.5M Webbing Lanyard with Hardware KS X2
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